Im very happy to announce that our successful project The Alpha Room is in Udemy for you. The Alpha Room started in in touring in universities, health clinics and . The project evolved in a documentary and a CD with the same name.

In the two years of touring and engage with so many different people, The Alpha Room was and is a success because we approach the practice of meditation and sound healing to deal with one of the most dangerous problems we have : noise pollution.

Noise pollution is not regulate in many countries and the effects are too many. Im living in Miami, the third most noisy city in United . I know how its feel surround noise and the impact in your body, mind and spirit.

Our propaganda of awareness opened the door to give a solution against the impact: meditation and sound healing.

Here you are very privileged to watch – only online in Udemy –  our documentary The Alpha Room which we explain all the research and tips to have a better life.

One day I heard: is important to empower people with the best available information, so they know what they are dealing with and then have the real commitment to practice the solution.

This is our moto here. So, here at Udemy we develop a course that – obviously have the complete documentary The Alpha Room, plus all the we with and the complete CD of the live sessions.

Also, this course wont be complete with the many SUPER TIPS Ive been teaching through the years. Simply but powerful descriptions and explanations about brain waves, sound healing, kineosology, intention, breathing, body position, practices elements like mala and mandalas and more.

Be part of this movement for the evolution. When you become a member of this course, you become an agent of the great change. We help you and you help the world. Thanks.


Orawanya Singsuwan

Super !!! I Love this lesson

Who this course is for:
  • Beginners in Meditation
  • Beginners in Mindfulness
  • Beginners in Sound Therapy
  • Beginners in Sound Healing
  • Beginners in Art Healing
  • Yoga enthusiasts

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