This is a 55 Video Course on the ultimate concepts you need to know about your major muscles and joints, about pain, about common conditions you may experience, and about a crucial head to toe stretching routine that every human being should learn and practice. You can take the entire course or focus on learning only those segments which you seek help and answers with. In an age of abundant and redundant information, you will enter the wisdom age by participating in this course. Enjoy!

  • Learn a simply daily stretching routine for maximum pain relief and health benefits
  • Learn from a very accomplished Orthopedic Surgeon with 25 years experience
  • This simple routine takes 3 minutes to complete daily
  • This stretching routine helps with pain prevention and pain relief
  • This stretching routine works on every major muscle and joint group in the human body
  • It requires no special equipment at all, just your body strength
  • You may work on only the body part you need relief for, or do the full routine to help your entire body with pain prevention and relief
  • It’s very simple and easy to learn and follow
Who this course is for:
  • People who desire to prevent muscle and joint pain
  • People who seek a simple, concise, daily muscle and joint full range-of-motion maintenance routine
  • People who want to minimize their need for doctor visits
  • People whose jobs, sports and exercise activities, hobbies, and lifestyles are conducive to muscle and joint pain
  • People who have muscle and joint pain and disorders and are seeking relief
  • This course is for everyone, however, anyone who has significant muscle and joint pain or already has a diagnostic label from their physician should first consult their physician regarding participating in any exercise activity, including the range-of-motion stretching activities taught in this course.

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