The Be Do Journal is a quick and easy journaling technique. Designed to focus your attention daily on a few, simple, yet important areas that promote positive self-awareness, enhanced clarity and realistic goals. The results incrementally improve the quality of your life in a long lasting and sustainable way.

The Be Do Journal consists of:

  • The Weekly Well-Being Journal (completed three times a week)

  • The Morning Journal (completed daily)

  • The Evening Journal (completed daily)

  • The Meditation Journal (completed daily)   

Included in the course are section by section short videos as well as pdf files that define and describe what the Be Do Journal is and how to fill it out. 

Also included is a copy of the actual Be Do Journal for you to download, use and re-use.


You also get for FREE the course Brain Breathing – The 3 minute routine of clarity, calm and confidence.  This exercise is mentioned in The Be Do Journal course so its only fair to let you have it for free so you can take maximum advantage of The Be Do Journal.

Who this course is for:
  • For beginner and advanced level humans

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