We are all looking for “Better.” Better Results, Better Customer Service, Better Jobs, Better , Better Morale, Better Health, Better Relationships, Better Life.We all recognize “I’m still the same old me” as a line from a country song and not a desirable personal or mission statement.“Better” is NOT stumbled upon. “Better” is only achieved with intention. “Better” will attract Inspiration, Encouragement, Hope and Joy.

We all know, for “Better” to occur, some assembly is required. That assembly can be reading, listening, watching, a one-on-one coaching session or attending a meeting. During that assembly, attendees must leave with an introduction, refresher or reminder on steps to get “Better.”

After decades in leadership, Human Resources and Leadership Coaching I’ve learned the secret to “Better.” It became apparent when I was the primary HR contact to 2200 team members for over a decade. The ONLY path to “Better” began with me. Nothing improved until I improved.

My job as a professional speaker or author is not to tell you what to do. You already know what to do. My job is to inspire and encourage you to Stop, Start, Improve and Repeat some of the things you already know.

At the heart of the word motivate, is the word, “Motive.” If I can remind you of your motive, you will make positive changes.

I’ve taken the best advice and lessons from over three decades of leadership, Human Resources and Leadership Coaching. I’ve condensed it into 60 minutes of content that if implemented, can change marriages, careers, relationships and lives. I know this because it changed mine.

Imagine this 60 minutes as a replacement for going to a movie. The difference is you leave with something beneficial and you will not say, “We should’ve waited until it hit Rental Box” or “We should’ve left off the popcorn refill.”

Q. How are you doing? 

A. I’m getting better.

The foundation for this program began in a hospital room. My record of six decades without being admitted to a hospital was broken in 2014. I was very fortunate my health issue was caught early. I was lucky. When I received a visitor or phone call that asked the question, “how are you?”, I was able to answer, “I’m getting better.” After repeating this dozens of times, I began to see the word BETTER on each ceiling tile of the room.

My thought process shifted from a disease or illness to goal setting and improvement. I knew there were many people in that hospital that could not say the words, “I’m getting better.” I remembered the times in my life when I set a goal or decided to improve something in my life. I remembered the Encouragement, Inspiration, Hope and Joy that accompanied being able to look back and see progress. It reminded me of being raised on a farm and seeing the progress of bales being moved from a field to the barn.  

This program is a collection of over three decades of personally witnessed lessons and opportunities to become a better parent, spouse, friend, employee and person. In 1978, as a brand new supervisor, an attorney told me, “If it’s not written, it didn’t occur.” This began my habit of journaling success, failures and what led to each. This program is a “journey through my journals” through over three decades of successful leadership, Human Resources and Leadership Coaching and four decades of marriage and raising children. This content has been shared with thousands in Keynotes and Programs across the country.

Over the years, I have asked thousands in the audience to; “quickly write two things that are better today than a year ago as a direct result of your actions.” It’s a shame that very few pens hit paper.

I encourage you to pick a few items and begin the process of “getting better.” You may be an over-achiever and pick many. Document and track your progress. Join me in the Encouragement, Inspiration, Hope and Joy that accompany “getting better” in different aspects of leadership and life.  

The next time someone asks, “How are you doing,” ignore the common answers of “great” or “fine”. I want you to experience the pride and personal satisfaction that will arise when you look them right in the eyes and can honestly say, “I’m getting better, and I hope you are too. Thanks for asking.” 

That is the “The Power Of Better!”

Greg Gilbert

Who this course is for:
  • The ideal student can be content but refuses to be complacent. They believe in improvement.

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