If you are looking for quick tips for writing a memoir this isn’t that course— I am going to make you work for it, this is a process.

This course is for writers open and excited to dive into their creative hearts even though it may bring up the darker topics of the human experience.

This course is designed to give you an introduction to memoir writing and take those skills and push some buttons. We will write out memories, connect themes, and build up your desire to share your story with the world.

This course is meant to be interactive, having you pause from viewing to do writing exercises. This isn’t just a quick-view course. Inside will be prompts to build your writer life and assist you in writing a memoir.

Why write a rebel memoir? To share information, to share a story, to create art, to motivate/inspire action, to educate outside the system, to confess.

Why haven’t you written your story?

Are you scared you’ll come off as narcissistic for wanting to write about yourself?

Don’t know where to start?

Think you aren’t a real writer?

Do you worry your story is boring?

Worry someone you know will read it and stop speaking to you?

Worry it’s not as good as other books?

Worry you are oversharing?

Worry about what other people will think about you?

Worry can sometimes hold us hostage from being able to create. This course is designed for you to be able to say, f–k you, worry and then get words on the page.

Writing a memoir is emotional work. It is hard work. But it can be rewarding in so many ways. Are you ready to see how writing your story can change your life?

In this course you will learn all about:

· Discovering the right story to tell

· Developing a plot and connecting themes

· How memoir writing is different from fiction writing

· Overcoming fear and doubt

· How to revise and edit your manuscript

· How to get your memoir published

· Life as a rebel writer

The universe wants you to write your story, unfortunately, most of the time it isn’t going to automatically align everything so you can take a year off life to drink tea on your porch and write a page a day. Not unless you put in the work and set yourself up to be in a position to do that. You have to prove to the universe you want to be a writer by writing. By showing up.

If you were looking for a traditional memoir 101 class you’ve come to the wrong place. I want to push you to think outside the box when it comes to memoir writing. I want you to write what scares you. I want you to always be questioning what you are writing, to learn when to remove chunks of writing from the memoir, and have the strength to keep in the hard truths.

“Writers know that when we write, we feel the world move; it is flexible, crammed with possibilities.” – David Grossman

Are you ready to invest in yourself and your story?

Who this course is for:
  • • You don’t conform and you don’t want to conform.
  • • You are here because courses called “Memoir Writing 101” sound boring as shit.
  • • You’ve been studying writing and just need something different.
  • • Unschoolers.

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