The most prevalent emotion facing traders is fear..
Fear causes traders to exit trades too early ruining their equity curve.
Fear causes traders to self-sabotage so they can fulfil their self-fulfilling prophecy of failure.
Fear causes traders to find reasons to avoid taking trades that would have been winners.
Fear causes traders to exit trades before they have a chance to get the move under way and then have the misery of seeing a profitable run away from them.

There are many more destructive aspects to fear in trading and what is vital for the trader in order for them to succeed is to have a way of thinking about trading that eliminates fear from the trading process.

This course has been created  by a therapist qualified in Hypnosis, EFT and NLP who is also a trader with over eight years trading .

This ‘Trading Psychology Made Easy’ course provides lots of exercises to specifically help with the problem of fear and is designed to give you a new paradigm about trading that will not only enable you to trade without the negative effects of fear, but will also enable you to become a much better trader in the

Go on take the course and make your fear in trading a thing of the past…

Who this course is for:
  • Any body who is either already a trader or is about to start trading will find this course invaluable.

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