Have you ever felt that there is someone out there waiting for you? Have you ever felt that one day, you will meet someone so unique, that you will finally be able to become your True Self? If your answers are yes, it’s time to explore the magnificent world of the Twin Flames!

The term Twin Flames is commonly used in the spiritual world, to describe two individuals who are created in such a way, so they can be characterized as Divine Partners! Not all Souls are created in such a way, but for the ones who are, it is of extreme importance to understand it and find their Divine Partner in this life, so both of them may reach fulfillment.

This course will help you find out if you have a Twin Flame and provide you tools and practices to help you prepare yourself so to be ready, to attract your Twin Flame. Because if you have a Twin Flame, you need to overcome this feeling that someone out there is waiting for you and move on to a new vibrational state, that you are ready to find that someone!

Furthermore, in this course you will be instructed and guided regarding your Divine Timing, because since we are talking about finding your Divine Partner, it is important to also enter your Divine Path.

And all the above will be done, by providing to you necessary information, by following practices and guided meditations to cleanse, restore and prepare your existence, by coming into connection with your Guardian Angels and your Personal Divine Lineage and by understanding the concept of the Law of Attraction.

My purpose in this course is not simply to give you information about the Twin Flames, but to offer you a grounded understanding of what Twin Flames are and help you personally, to become free from any restrictive energies which you may carry, to remove any blockages that may prevent you from finding your Twin Flame and to help you establish a clear communication with the Divine Beings, so you may receive their guidance on your own, so you can actually and practically do actions to find your Twin Flame. To set you free of the idea of simply waiting and make you understand, that since all which you need, is already inside you, it’s time to use them and act upon your purpose!

This course will only be the first step, in a beautiful journey of self-discovery and liberation, which will begin with your choice of making the first step! By the end of this course, you will be left with a crystal clear inner knowledge on what to do next, as you will have received specific guidance and practices and most importantly, you will have activated your Divine Timing. If you feel that your time to find your Divine Partner has come, set your intention clear and follow this wonderful path, until you reach your Destination!

My name is Nikolaos Baralos and I welcome you to join me in this majestic journey!
To enjoy it, but not to get seduced by it. To move on and reach the Destination!

With pure Love and bright Light,
Divine Blessings!

Title of Music used in Meditations is “In Spiritus” by “Christopher Lloyd Clarke”. Licensed by “Enlightened Audio”.

Who this course is for:
  • Seeking your Twin Flame!
  • Learn about the Law of Attraction!
  • Communicate with your Guardian Angels and Divine Beings!
  • Activate your Divine Timing!
  • Cleanse and restore your Existence!
  • Overcome loneliness!
  • Understand the concept of Parallel Lives/Dimensions!

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