“Don’t ask what the world needs, ask what makes you come alive and go do that, because what the world needs is people who have come alive.” ~ Howard Thurman

I am calling it ‘Passion’ in this course, however some others also call it ‘Purpose’ or ‘Calling’. This is typically a sensitive topic among a lot of people primarily for two reasons:

  1. There is a widespread belief that people who found their passions are living ideal lives
  2. It is estimated that 95% people don’t know what they are passionate about and hence feel disappointed with discussions around this topic

In my view, the real number is lesser. There are more people who know what interests them, just that they keep ignoring these interests so that their little worlds, that is, the comfort zones, are not disturbed. Taking concrete steps and moving in the direction of their dreams will require them to put in serious effort to do something new which would be a stretch from their regular lives.

In this course, I have talked about the Mastery formula on how one can cover the journey from ‘having an interest’ to ‘becoming a master’ at that area.

An interest becomes a passion when you fight for it. When you are passionate about something, you feel a fire within you. It’s like finding something you can die for. It’s like finding a cause that you can dedicate the rest of your life for. As Martin Luther King said, ‘If you haven’t found something worth dying for, you aren’t fit to be living.’

Most people around are like zombies, working in jobs week-in week-out. They are not fully happy but then not so unhappy either, that they go ahead and make any change. This in-between zone is commonly known as the ‘comfort zone’.

Inspiration comes from being ‘in spirit’. It is that magical feeling where you experience being ‘in the zone’. Time does not exist, you do not exist, and you are completely unaware of your surroundings. In my experience, inspiration can come through one or more of the three means: (i) an art form, (ii) a role model, or (iii) a higher cause.

You don’t always have to wait for life to give you your passion, rather strive to bring your own passion to life! A certain way of doing this is to get interested in personal development, especially enhancing your charisma. If there was just one skill you could master out of all the tools of persuasion and influence, it would be charisma.

Most times people don’t get what they want because they keep dreaming about things without taking action. They aspire for things without being willing to pay the price for them. They expect to get exceptional opportunities without making themselves exceptional. What they do not realize is that if they can become exceptional, those opportunities will naturally come their way. Their fundamental philosophy in life has been ‘have-be’, that is, they always had a ‘having-before-becoming’ mentality. What they do not realize is that life doesn’t work like that. Life tends to work on ‘be-have’ principle, that is, ‘becoming-before-having’.

Be exceptional first and then attract the exceptional things naturally. Like the saying goes, ‘How do you paint a perfect picture? Be perfect first and then paint normally!’

From this perspective, charisma is really the sum total of a lot of aspects, both internal and external, all of which can be worked upon. These aspects have been covered in this course in detail.

Imagine how much more you would achieve for yourself and your loved ones, if you could remain ‘in the zone’ most of your waking time, full of energy and loving every minute of how you are living your life! In fact, being passionate and charismatic is one of the key abilities that has been observed among people who become extraordinarily successful.

The objective of designing this course is to enable you to get quick yet lasting results. In this course, you will learn the most key principles relating to finding one’s passion that I have gathered from my extensive reading and experience (300+ self-help/ personal development books over ~20 years).

Once you master these basic principles, you won’t need to read up any more detailed literature on topics related to finding one’s passion/ achieving mastery and enhancing one’s charisma. A number of custom-designed exercises have also been included, which have proven effective for myself and many others around me. Ensure that you complete the exercises even if they feel uncomfortable/ tedious at first. Real lasting impact will come from doing the exercises. Once you learn how to do one full iteration of the exercises and are able to take yourself to the next level, you can repeat the entire iteration from your new normal, and continue to be on that upward trajectory, of hitting higher and higher levels.

The course will cover the following topics:

Unlocking your passion to become more alive and design a fulfilling and contented life for yourself will have a direct positive impact on all your life areas:

  • Physical (Health),
  • Intellectual (Work),
  • Social (Relationships),
  • Financial (Money), and
  • Spiritual (Soul),

thereby significantly enhancing the overall quality of your life.

With this short introduction, I would like to invite you to join me in this transformational journey. I have done my best to ensure that this course delivers significant value to you. Despite that, for some reason, should you feel you didn’t get adequate value for your money, feel free to go for the 30-day money back.

Now, take action, enroll in the course and change your life forever!!

Who this course is for:
  • Anyone who is serious about self-help/ personal development and is keen to take his/ her life to the next level
  • Anyone who is keen to learn how to identify their passion
  • Anyone who is serious about understanding what constitutes Charisma
  • Anyone who is keen to enhance his/ her Charisma level
  • Anyone who is keen to gain more control over themselves and thus their life
  • Anyone who is keen to unlock a new level of motivation, excitement and achievement in his/ her life

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