I am sharing 12 different pranayama techniques that I use back to back in a particular order for a 25min daily practice.

The Vasitha method of pranayama aims to cleanse the lungs, balance and regulate the natural breath, expand your lung capacity and ability to elongate Kevala Khumbak (the natural pause at the the top and bottom of every breath). Boost your immune system, battle stress and anxiety and alleviate depression.

This course also contains a bonus Nidra meditation to aid sleep and relaxation, and a bonus counting the breath anxiety fighting practice.  I have also included downloadable .mp3 files for you so that you don’t need to be at a watching a to practice these techniques.

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Thank you.

NOTE: It was my intention to provide this course for free,  given the current pandemic (at time of this course; March 2020) in the hopes that we can all find peace, calm and stronger lungs at this time. However there is over 2 hrs of video , and so i’ll do my best to circulate a free coupon for people to use so as many people can sign up for free during this scary time.

Who this course is for:
  • Those with anxiety and panic attack sufferers
  • Those who worry about lung capacity or immune system health
  • People interested in developing a daily meditative practice
  • People interested in pranayama or breathwork

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