Hi Guys! Welcome to Web Building Starter Pack. In this course we are going to learn how to build a website with html, css and jquery animations. This course is for absolute beginners and also the ones who want to make practice because;

We are going to start from simple steps with real life examples, animations, video lectures and exercises we are going to complete essential training of html and css. Once we are done with that, We are going to make some practice and after that build a modern web site. In the last section we are going to learn Jquery and make practice on real life projects. More over, you will be able to write your own functions on Jquery.

When you complete this web building starter pack, you are going to be able to make not only one web site, but also different types of web sites.

Beside this course, to learn how to code  it self, is going to change the way how you are thinking. It will help you to solve problems more efficiently. Do not waste your time and do something today that 1 year later you, will be thankful.

Who this course is for:
  • absolute beginners
  • the ones those who want to make practice on web building

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