As of now, America is spending far more than any other country on healthcare. The government spent $3.6 trillion on healthcare last year, or 11,172 per head. However, the large investment in public health is not bringing fruitful results, sadly. There’s a need for involving communities and individuals in the healthcare measures to make sure the healthcare situation of the nation improves. More and more attention and resources will be needed to improve the situation after the COVID-19 pandemic is completely gone.


In order to use an environmental and systemic approach to improve the healthcare situation, Adventist Health has recently acquired some private health initiatives. Adventist has worked in more than 50 communities throughout America. The results have been very promising with a significant drop in obesity, smoking, and other chronic health conditions. This has led to savings amounting to millions of dollars in healthcare spending. The focus here is to emphasize the interconnected nature of the health of people with the people they interact with. Once the pandemic is over, the goal will be to strengthen public health and community involvement in healthcare. This will be important for the recovery of the nation after COVID is gone.


For Adventist health, the main factor in improving the healthcare situation is creating an environment that encourages and makes a healthy lifestyle easy. The plan is to look beyond the traditional hospital model and focus on community education to prevent diseases instead of spending hefty amounts on treating them. Scott Reiner, the CEO and President of Adventist said that they are working with several private initiatives to reinvent the way healthcare systems work in America. The goal, he said is to improve health, hope, and wholeness.


ELEARNING FOR SENIORS makes it easy for people to select the correct health choices, improve connectivity, and gives hope to positively impact the communities and make them move towards better healthcare. The scope of their work spans over homes, schools, workplaces, and leisure areas. Instead of focusing just on educating individuals, E-learning tries to develop communities that are conscious about health.


The ultimate goal of Adventist Health, ELEARNING FOR SENIORS, and other bodies is to shift the focus of healthcare from treatment to prevention. The same budget, when used on prevention instead of cure can bring better results. The same has been seen in the example of decreasing childhood obesity in beach cities. The amazing results were achieved by educating the community, parents, teachers, and children. The same model is now to be used on a bigger level.

This process will definitely take time to bear fruit, but it is the only sustainable and permanent solution of the healthcare crisis America is facing despite spending trillions on the traditional healthcare infrastructure.


Healthcare is one of the major concerns of seniors. If you want to know what’s happening in the world around you and how’s that going to affect boomers, visit ELEARNING FOR SENIORS today to get the latest news and the best advice on all matters concerning seniors.


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