Traveling alone is a difficult thing. It gets even harder, and borderline dangerous if you are a senior citizen. However, we have some senior-friendly tours and cruise options that you can avail of to enjoy exploring the world in your golden years. Moreover, here are some tips and suggestions that you should consider while planning to travel alone in later life.

But, first a little bit of background on that matter. If you book a slot on a cruise or tour, you need to pay a per-person bill. The packages are normally designed for couples. If you are alone, the bill won’t be half of that for a couple, it will be higher. This added price is often referred to as a single supplement. The single supplement price is generally 50% of the base price for one person.

However, there are some tour operators who have identified the problem and offer packages that are more accessible for single travelers. These packages either have very low to zero single supplements or offer a service called “guaranteed share.” This works by providing you with a roommate for the trip and then you only have to pay the cost of one person’s ticket. The roommates are mostly of the same sex and always of the same smoking preferences.

Some of the services that facilitate solo senior travel are the following.

Solo Traveller

Solo Traveler is a blog by Tracey Nesbitt and Janice Waugh. They share their solo traveling experiences, tricks, tips, and adventures on the blog. No matter if you are looking for recommendations for your travel destination or wanting to avoid a single supplement, this platform can provide you with all the information and advice you need. They constantly keep updating solo traveler deals crafted especially for seniors planning to explore the world on their own.

Singles Travel International

Singles Travel International regularly offers cruises and trips for people of all age groups around the year but they have special packages for single seniors aged 50 and above. You can select from African safari tours to snorkeling in Sicily. You can either opt for a room sharing option that comes at a lower cost or you can pay more to get a dedicated room. Some of the trip destinations might be far away from medical assistance hence you need to select your trip with caution.


Silversea is one of the most iconic luxury cruise lines and offers packages with reduced single supplements on its cruises. They also offer a program called Gentlemen Hosts on some of their cruises. This gives single women the chance to eat and dance with polite, well-behaved men.

Solos Holidays

Solos Holidays is a tour company exclusively for the singles. They offer trips for ages in the 30s, 40s, 50s, and 60s. They also operate trips for singles of all ages. You can get a personal room and all the amenities that come with it on a price that is not so high.

ELEARNING FOR SENIORS is a website where you can find all the information boomers can ever need. You can also consult the top professionals from health, finance, touring, and other fields and get advice on senior matters.

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