The most mundane challenge with our senior patients voraciously, is that so many of them have no one, so many of them don’t have families, being too far from their children so many of them don’t know how to use technology to interact with their children. Seniors can become increasingly isolated, and this dilemma is becoming epidemic. 

Often people think that social isolation and loneliness go hand in hand, and of course, sometimes they do. But it’s important to know the difference between the two. Isolation refers to the physical separation that a person has to social contact. Loneliness is the emotional feeling of lacking these social contacts.

Anyone can feel lonely and it’s much more common than we think, although as we get older our feelings of loneliness can increase. Being getting aged day by day and developing into a sense of isolation in this huge world, technology seems to be the only source to combat isolation.

Do you have elderly parents? What technological interventions have been proposed to abbreviate social isolation? How efficacious such technologies have been intervening in alleviating the social isolation of seniors?  It’s never easy to watch them grow old. It’s an emotional topic for every family and definitely lots of important decisions involved in it. 

      • Technology that addresses social isolation: As humans, we are required to victual, to slumber, to exercise and to connect with other humans in paramount ways. Innovation-driven & sophisticated engineered technology lets seniors to connect and interact with their loved ones whenever they feel loneliness or whenever they need them. Among the ways to combat solitude, technology eLearning for seniors are commencing to play a major role to bridge the gap of interactions that older adults need. Here’s a list of conceptions that seniors all over the world are commencing to adopt more and more:
        Calls: This is likely the most widely recognized one. Whether it’s just a voice call or video call, auricular discerning from someone you dote can instantly brighten their day. Numerous seniors despite everything have landlines yet their grandkids are substantially more prone to have mobile phones to call and check-in.
        Social Media Interactions: Connecting with youngsters and grandkids on Facebook, Skype or Instagram can be an extraordinary path for a grandma to inactively observe photographs and posts their grandkids share and feel like a component of their lives by kenning what their interests and hobbies are.
        Photographs sharing: Everyone wants to see photographs of their loved ones. Seniors are no exceptions. Taking a gander at photographs on a gadget can carry a grin to somebody’s face and assist them with feeling like they’re included in their families’ lives just by kenning what they’ve been up to.
        Music on a gadget: Listening to their favorite musical compositions or radio station can take them down ambulation on recollection lane and avail them to recollect good times.
        Guest App: Various kinds of free Guest apps that make it simple for families who relish different platforms, to connect with their dotted one in a community regardless of what platform they utilize.
        Final Thoughts: There are many difficulties associated with innovation and older individuals, like vision quandaries, aurally perceiving loss, health conditions, being skeptical about the desideratum for technology or about their competency to learn to utilize it. However, with persistence, support, and the correct advancements, and with eLearning for seniors, older adults can learn to adopt innovations that have been designed specially keeping them in mind!

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