Advair Diskus is a prescription inhaler that will help control the symptoms of asthma and chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD). While these types of inhalers are very popular, approximately more than half of people with asthma make use of their inhalers incorrectly .  

Stick to these pharmacist tips to make certain you’re getting the full advantage of your Advair Diskus inhaler.  

TIP #1: Hold your own inhaler correctly.  


Dry-powder inhalers like Advair DISKUS should be in a level and flat place. Hold DISKUS in your still left hand and place the browse of your right hand in the particular thumb grip. Slide the amount until you hear it click on. Your dose is now prepared.  

TIP #2: Watch your breathing.


Exhale seriously away from the diskus after that put your mouth on starting and inhale deep plus fast! Dry-powder inhalers frequently require more force in order to inhale your medicine. Be sure to hold your breath with regard to 10 seconds after breathing in your dose then inhale out fully.  

TIP #3: Clean up after.  


After each dosage, rinse your mouth out along with water and spit this out. Do not swallow water! This will help prevent you from developing a yeast infection from leftover medicine in your mouth and/or tonsils.  

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